We are

Brand designers

Curious, clear, confident

Curious – About us?

We are a smooth bunch of strategic conceptual creatives. Curious, clear and confident. For over 25 years we are building strong iconic brands. Whether that’s brand strategy, visual identity, packaging design, retail design or digital design. We even offer brand activation programs for our clients. We help brands become the best version of themselves by bringing their Brand Spirit to life. All in it to excel in positioning your brand, and to cook up the best brand identities we can possibly imagine. 

With a team of seasoned professionals we dream big. Objective, accountable and always present. We strive for leadership in all we do for our clients. However, we don’t believe in competition. Instead we celebrate excellence.

Don’t compete, excel.

Our promise: We help you grow. As a business. As a brand. As a person.

Curious – About our network?

We believe in a lean & mean agency setup without the hassle and overhead of big agency networks. With our creative hubs in Amsterdam, Prague, Los Angeles and Singapore we can service both national but also international clients on a high level. We work together where needed and can act independent where wanted. As a group we offer the full 360 degrees brand design services and multiple industry expertises.

Brandnew Los Angeles

Robert Kuiper, CEO

+1 323 492 74 60

Brandnew Amsterdam

Bob van der Lee, CEO

+31 20 850 81 00

Brandnew Prague

Ana Maselli, CEO

+420 777 647 607

Brandnew Singapore

Jim Goh, CEO

+65 9366 1777