Moon Eye Productions

of wonders
Developing a living identity for Moon Eye Productions
Moon Eye Productions


Better start introducing this bunch of creative entrepreneurs. Part of one of the world’s biggest entertainment group Live Nation they will launch an entire new brand to shake up the marketplace focusing on the global unique immersive experiences. 

As we are evolving from traditional entertainment into a world of multi-dimensional experiences the audiences of tomorrow is expecting more. Innovations in immersion, sound, interactivity and virtual reality are quickly evolving. Moon Eye Productions was created to deliver on it.

Catalyst of Wonders

Catalyst of Wonders. Activating and overwhelming in all your sense is the identity to create is idealy a ‘dynamic’ identity, as fluid and adaptive as the organisation itself. A visual identity based on constant motion which draws you in the world of wonders which they create. A colorfull moon eye morfing in many shapes of wonder as they are the true Catalyst of Wonders. The logo itself is more rational yet playfull as the company is also a commercial enterprise but filled with creative minds. With a logo reflecting both the mooned eyes itself gives a caleidoscopic effect and is an animated logo on itself.

The launch of the identity and website is just the beginning of an imposing journey.

The first immersive experience from Moon eye Production is the BBC Earth Experience in London which opens March 30th 2023. It will offer the visitors the chance to experience the extraordinary diversity of our seven unique continents, on the most epic scale, featuring bespoke narration from David Attenborough. Visitors will take a majestic 360-degree audio visual journey as they marvel and explore iconic landscapes and connect with mesmerising animals on this epic adventure bringing environments to life.